Integrated Accounts Group is capable of collecting large volumes of bad debt receivables across the nation.  Taking full advantage of today’s technology, we use multiple data sources, extensive mail campaigns, predictive dialing solutions and we continually add new technology. We are members of ACA, The National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys and Commercial Law League. Our staff receives ongoing training regarding federal, state, and HIPAA and FDCPA legalities. We place a premium on debtor relations.

Utilizing our integrated payment solutions enable us to accept Credit Card and ACH payments electronically, increasing collector efficiency and timeliness of debtor payments.


Inconjuction, we are able to litigate through Bloom & Associates. Our firm is able to provide our clients with expert legal representation. Combined with our abilities to skip trace, perform credit reporting and our automated systems our clients find us to be very effective in their recovery efforts.

  • Consumer Debt

  • Municipal Bills

  • Credit Cards

  • Business to Business

  • Department Stores

  • Bank Note/Loans

  • Bad Checks

  • Deficit Balances

  • Repossessions

  • Rental/Condo Fees

  • Student Loans