• ​Motor Vehicle Accident

  • Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation claims are extremely difficult claims to manage. All states have some form of Government agency that has been established to deal with employee related injuries. While a patient may report to a facility claiming a work related injury, it is not a true Workers’ Compensation claim until an award has been made by the States' agency. To add additional complications, the Federal Government has a process specifically for those claims.

Combining the bureaucracy, the insurance carriers and attorneys make Workers’ Compensation claims some of the most difficult and time consuming claims handled by a business office. With over 1.2 million workplace injuries per year it is easy for these claims to become burdensome. MAMI’s employees are highly trained to deal with all the complicated dynamics of these claims. As well, MAMI has access to some State's Workers’ Compensation data incredible screening tool.


Motor Vehicle Accident

Identification of insurance -PIP/Med-Pay

Hospital Liens

PIP/Med-Pay billing and follow up

Coordination of benefits

Attorney interactions